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Jim Hargrove
Master Technician
30 + years experience
RV Furnace repair
This coach below is a 1997 Gulfstream. It had
a EPDM rubber roof membrane that was at the
end of its life span . We removed the the old
EPDM rubber . Repaired the wood damage
and glued on Docor's Britek roofing system.
Follow this link for our customers testimonial
We start out by removing
everything off the roof
On this roof we used 1/4 inch
Ply to overlay to provide a solid
and smooth sub-structure to
glue the TPO.
This is the completed roof.
We use Dicor roofing
systems on all our roofs
These photos below giude you thruogh our process of removing
and old EPDM rubber roof and installing a new Dicor TPO roof

Call us now for a free estimate.
RV Manufactures
Most motor homes and trailers come factory equipped with EPDM rubber roofing. They can
last up to about 15 to 20 years before they naturally beak down turn black. At this point in time
there is really only one correct way to deal with it. That is to remove and replaced it with with a
new one piece roofing Material this can be expensive but well worth it. It is required to keep
your roof from water intrusion before your investment is completely ruined water can soak in
through the pours of the old rubber damaging the wood below. As well as the siding and even
the flooring. I have personally seen hundreds of RV with leaky roofs. It is important to inspect
your sealant around all your vents and front and rear caps every year to make sure that there
are not any voids or cracks in the sealant.
Buyer beware there are a lot of scams going on right now with blanket coating, These liquid
coating are a big waist of money especially if your unit is 10 years or older. First off, applying a
product over a damaged product can not last. The sun will bake it right off. If your RV rubber
roof is newer and in great shape it might stick a bit longer, I have personally heard from
countless RV owners how they have spent 1000 to 1500 hundred dollars on these products
only to call us  with roof leak issues, The only thing we can do to make it right is to remove the
old epdm material completely off the RV and roll out a new one piece of material. Then you will
be leak free fro 20 to 30 years . Please call for a free rubber roof replacement estimate
Serving San Diego
CA County est.2006
RV Rubber Roof Replacements
Hello folks my name is Jim Hargrove . I have been working on Rv's since 1985. I started at Camping World in El cajon CA. Then moved on to many local  RV dealers  Years
later I moved up to Oregon to work for Monaco in the early 90,s. Enough of the cold weather I settled back in San Diego. I worked for Beaudry RV in San Marcos for 10 year
just before the great  recession swallowed them up I started RV Expert Mobile Service in 2006.
I work out of Santee CA. I service the San Diego area. I specialize in LP Appliances such as RV refrigerators, RV water heaters RV furnaces. I can replace roof top air I also
replace awning and awning fabrics. I have installed thousands of RV awnings dating back to 1985 working at camping world. I stock most vinyl awning fabrics in lengths
between 14 feet and 21 feet. In the color shades of blue, grey and brown. I can also get maroon, green or checker flag. I use Dometic awning material .Expect to get about
7 years or so out of your new RV awning canvas material.RV Expert mobile service can replace rubber roof material. I have installed hundreds of RV roofs. Also repaired
countless roofs due to rain leaking in through the rubber and elswere. We strip the roof, peeling off all the EPDM rubber roof material , vents and moldings. If there is wood
damage can repair that as well. Then we roll out a new one piece of Dicor roofing system. Install all new vents and seal it up. The manufactures offer a 12 years guarantee
in the material and 5 years on the my labor. Don't be fooled by paying a company less money for a roll on liquid rubber just have the sun dry it out in 1 or 2 years then you
are back to square one.I have seen many people taking advantage of with Inferior rv roofing roll on products We have replaced hundreds of rubber roof material and offer
quality work at a reasonable price .We also throw in vents . Thats a great savings for you.
I replace converters and batteries and offer some electrical trouble shooting.
Well thanks for reading the short version of my bio. Hope to here from you soon Please give us a ring at 619-889-5429
RV roof air conditioner installation available
The Brisk Air II uses its smart design, tighter
specification allowances and improved
materials to maximize air flow and performance.
We have removed hundreds of old worn out EPDM roofing
material and replaced with Dicors Brite TEK's RV roofing system
We are not a full RV service company. Services we DO NOT cover :
Generator repair
Generator service
Generator oil change
Transfer switches
Aqua Hots
Insta Hots
AC repair
High voltage
Holding tanks
Tank clean out
Sewer valves
Clogged drains
Hydraulic jacks
Tongue jacks
For referrals I recommend
calling your local RV repair
shop nearest you. They
should know all the local RV
repair specialist in your area.
We offer a limited service to list below:
Rubber roof replacement
Vent lids
Lp refrigerators
RV water heaters
Rv furnaces
RV AC replacement
Kwikee steps
Toilet replacement
Fresh water leaks
Trailer wiring
Trailer brakes
Trailer chassis
RV Roof seal
Roof conditioning
Window re-seal
Caulking removal
RV Awnings
Awning canvas replacement
RV awning fabric replacement
RV mobile awning repair
Warranty work
Extended warranty
Satellite dishes
Slide out repair
RV Inspections
RV Detail
RV Sales
RV Rentals
CAUTION ::Don't get scammed by a liquid roof repair
Most vinyl awning fabric in stock and
ready for immediate installation
We install beautiful 1 PIECE  fabrics
manufactured by  Dometic
Alfa Leisure

Georgie Boy
Gulf Stream
King Of The
Mobile Coach
Travel Craft
Travel Queen
Triple E
Ultra Motor
Western RV
Mountain High
National RV
Open Road
​R & R
R Vision
Space Craft
Sun Hawk
We service most of
these RV
We are the leading RV roof experts in Southern California.
There is no other company that can match our price or
experience. Call around for an estimate. Then call us . We got
the best price and we also include new vents on all our roofs.
"Solid Business. Solid work. Solid Guy I have a 1989 Bounder motorhome with
a nightmare of a roof leak. I tried and tried to fix it with no luck. Called around
a few places and was getting insane price quotes for a roof replacement. It's a
hard decision to make when it comes to replacing the whole roof an an old
motorhome. After talking to Jim we felt more comfortable replacing it. He gave
us a no BS price quote that was far cheaper than his competitors and
guarantee no surprise charges".
Best price in town
Highest quality workmanship
Highest quality material available in
the industry backed by a
12 year warranty
Call for a free estimate
Scroll down for more information
RV Awnings
If your roof is soft, water has probably
penetrated the sealant. This can cause major
damage. Always have your sealant checked
every year to prevent this from happening
If your roof is turning black it might be
time to replace it. We will strip off the
old EPDM rubber roofing material and
install a new Dicor one piece roof
This picture below show the sealant
starting to split. The sun can split the
sealant within one year allowing water to
enter under the rubber. This can lead to
water intrusion and destroy your RV roof.
If you see water stains on your interior
ceiling panel you have a roof leak. Do not
wait to address this issue. have your
sealant inspected before it rains again.
Then we glue down the
new roofing material
Serving San Diego County
Motor home and trailer repair. We offer a mobile RV
service. For fast and professional service call the RV
Experts. We have the best rv awnings. We are your shade
professionals. Santee CA based RV service
RV expert has over 30 years experience in the RV repair business. If you want a reliable competent RV technician working on your RV then you have came
to the right place. There are a lot of shops and mobile RV guys out there but few have the experience necessary to repair you trailer properly.. WE have
installed thousands of appliances ,awnings and roofs. We offer competitive pricing and have a fast turn around time. So if you need a speedy mobile RV
repair give us a call at 619-889-6529.
Best RV Awning Santee based mobile service
Truckbed spay liner roofs
WE do not offer this service. Unfortunately we are unable to service anything on the roof either.
The main reason is we would have to chisel the cement down to the screw heads in order to take off the
vents. This will break the seal and may lead to water intrusion.
RV roofs

      Years ago most RV roofs were made of galvanized metal or fiberglass. Now most trailers and motor home have a rubber roof membrane. EPDM is the most
common membrane. It consists of a very thin sheet of rubber that is glued to your plywood on your roof. This membrane can usually last up to 20 years or so. It slowly
starts to turn black. The black you see is actually the back half of the product. The exposed half is starts out white. After a few years it begins to get very chalky. It also
is prone to mildew. Keeping your roof clean is the best upkeep you can offer. Have your roof washed at least 4 times a year. You can only treat the membrane for so
long until it just needs to be replaced. It can be an expensive job. Some shops charge 3 to 5 thousand or more for this job. It takes around 40 hour labor. If you have
this job done make sure they include all new vents in the price.
       There is an alternative to EPDM. This product is normally called TPO. TPO does not turn black as it ages. Weekend warrior has used this product. If you have
ever noticed a Weekend Warrior roof they are all still white no matter the age. The best TPO out there is made by Dicor. They call their TPO Brite tek. I have used this
product on hundreds of jobs and never had a problem. The roof needs to be relatively flat. Any angles or crowns in the pitch of the roofs can cause unwanted air
pockets and wrinkles. TPO roofs are more difficult to install than EPDM. Therefore most shops will probably try to sell you on an EPDM roof. EPDM roofs are fine but
they will eventually turn black in about 20 years or so.
      RV roofs take a lot of maintenance. If you do not check the sealant around all the vents and front and rear trim every year you can expect water intrusion. If water
gets in behind the caulking it can enter the interior of your rig creating numerous problems. I have personally seen so many rigs destroyed by a single entry
completely destroying all the plywood, cross members, interior panels, walls and flooring. Sometimes you can’t even tell there is a roof leak from the inside of the rig
because the insulation acts like a sponge absorbing the water and moisture. If you do see stains on the ceiling or inside of the top cabinets it is probably coming from
your roof. Sometimes water stains are seen in the interior at the bottom corners of windows. You might think it is coming from the window but it usually is coming from
the roof leaking out the window. The reason this happens because water flows with downhill following the structure framing to the window framing then out the bottom
corner staining your interior wall panels.
       Water can also pool at low points on your roof. This is not a problem if there are no voids in your caulking. If there is any voids or small holes water can find its
way in and slowly destroy you rig. I use Dicor rubber roof sealant around all the vents and molding. It is the one of the best sealant‘s that will actually stick to the
rubber. Silicon will not stick to rubber roofs. Make sure the surface is clean before applying. It will not stick to dirt or mildew.
      When you have your roof seams caulked you do not necessarily have to scrape off all the old caulking. I will when it come off easy which is usually never. You can
scrape the top layer of the old caulking and then reapply the new caulking right onto the old. If you try to scape all the caulking off you will probably puncture the thin
rubber roofing material causing more harm than good.
      There are a few other types of RV roofs out on the market. Fiberglass roofs are more expensive but can last longer that rubber roofs. Fiberglass roofs do not
require as much attention to service as rubber roofs. I have seen fiberglass roofs last up to thirty years. Fiberglass roofs can get weathered by the sun and get chalky
with spider cracks that have a potential for leakage. You should always have your RV roof inspected every year for voids in the sealant.
      Galvanized metal roofs are usually found on rigs twenty years or older. They hold up well but still require maintenance. if seen these roofs actually corrode and
leak. At that point just replace it with a new plywood and rubber roofing material.
      A big problem that I see when it comes to roof leaks is the accessories installed on them.        
When installing anything to the roof make sure caulking or putty tape is used between the object you are installing and the roof. The main reason is that sooner or
later the caulking you put on the brackets will crack in water can leak in through the screw holes. If there was caulking the water is less likely to seep in. I have seen
many solar panels brackets not installed correctly causing major leaks.
Storage pods are notorious for roof leaks. I would not recommend installing pods on top of your roof.