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As your EPDM rubber roof ages it turns from a white color to black.Rv expert will remove
the old EPDM rubber roof material and replace it with Dicors Britetek TPO roofing system
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Beware of inferior products that paint on the rubber roof material. The  motor home roof shown below was a
product of a blanket style paint on rubber roof coating that did not work that caused major roof damage.
RV Expert removed the old EPDM rubber and installed a sheet of Dicors Brite TEK material  as shown below.
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The following letter was sent to us
following a new roof installation
Hey Jim,
Wanted to let you and others know how pleased we are with the job you and your team did on replacing the
EPDM roof membrane on our 1997 Gulf stream SV Bus.Your professional attention to detail and constant
communication with us gave us confidence we were in good hands.
A few things we were especial pleased with:
1. The membrane material itself is 2-3 times thicker than the EPDM material the factory used.
2. The membrane you material you recommended is a blend of EPDM and TPO which is a Thermal Plastic
"Oflin" that adds stiffness and puncture resistance to the otherwise strechy/ shrink prone EPDM material. The
EPDM is still one of the best materials for resistance to UV exposure, the blend simply makes a more durable
product. Best of all there are no more chalky surfaces or black streaks to contend with.
One of our engineers has a degree in chemical engineering so she researched it before we has you
proceed. To your credit she verified what you promoted , plus the 12 year warrantee also speaks for the
confidence Carlisle has in its product. The 20 year claim may not ever proven,not sure I'll live they long
3. Your price was very fair, at $4000.00 which included the membrane , sealing materials, all new vents,
exhaust covers,skylight, and sub sheeting the entire roof was not included in other quotes we received. The
additional cost of replacing the Air conditioner covers and Max air covers at your cost was less than if we
bought them at Camping World using our membership discount
4. The roof membrane is smooth and even, with all the new vents and covers in place it looks like a " new
motor home, This has inspired us to keep our motor home and update and refurbish the interior.
5. Finally I was pleased to hear from you that the roof structure of our gulf stream coach was very well built
with steel crossbeams and good materials,that the original construction helped save our coach and made
your job a lot easier , kowtows to Gulf Stream

thanks again for a well done job,
Bob Colsen
Dynapac Design Group
97 Gulfstream before roof replacement